Assurance case

NOR-STA is a web application
for assurance case management

  • develop arguments and share with others,
  • collect evidence in your production repositories,
  • make assessment and communicate the results,
  • generate modular and GSN diagrams,
  • manage argument modules and use templates,
  • report the results online and to documents,
  • integrate assurance cases with other systems.

Develop arguments, generate diagrams

NOR-STA uses hierarchical assurance case notation which allows to develop argument structure in the editor without the need to draw it. When you need GSN diagrams you can generate them. NOR-STA notation complies with OMG SACM and ISO/IEC 15026.

Thanks to the notation you can easily manage large argument structures.

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TCL notation for assurance cases
Modular assurance cases. Argument modules are connected by interfaces.

Manage complex modular arguments

Divide large arguments into modules and manage them separately. Create interfaces to bind the modules. The assessment will be automatically reported to high-level argument modules.

You can also use modules to manage work in teams. For each module you can individualy assign permissions for users.

Integrate your argument with evidence

Evidence plays the key role in the assurance process. Your argument specifies what evidence is required and when it’s available you can review it and assessi if it satisfies the argument requirements. NOR-STA may also monitor evidence changes and validity time. That helps tracking changes and maintaining up to date argument.

NOR-STA is integrated with SharePoint, Confluence, Jira and SVN, you can also integrate it with other types of repositories.

evidence management
assurance case assessment

Argument assessment

  • integrated argument assessment functions
  • assessment methods include uncertainty, scoring and others
  • automatic aggregation of assessment results
  • reporting assessment results
  • control of negative and missing assessments

Reporting progress and results

  • assessment visualization with a color scale
  • reports to MS Excel, Word, PDF and HTML
  • custom report templates fed with XML data describing the argument
  • programmable HTML reports with XSL scripts

assurance case reporting
User permissions can be set to any assurance case or folder of assurance cases

Users and permissions management

  • grant permissions to argumentation modules and folders
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • customizable user roles
  • predefined roles like manager, editor, auditor, reader
  • 40 permissions to specific actions

Reuse with templates

  • create assurance cases based on a template
  • use parametrized templates for variants of your systems or products
  • update arguments to new template versions
  • use multiple levels of templates

assurance case templates
assurance case change tracking

Change tracking

  • full change history and project log
  • view snapshots of the argument for a given day
  • restore the argument for any date from a snapshot

System assurance monitoring

Assurance case may be fed with live data from any evidence management system or production system monitoring. Data can be automatically transferred into an argument and can be used to:

  • update the evidence data,
  • update safety assessment,
  • deactivate or activate argument sections.

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System assurance monitorin
NOR-STA integration

Integration with other systems

  • integration with Sharepoint, Atlassian Jira and Confluence
  • custom integration through NOR-STA API (web services)
  • ADFS / Azure AD user authentication
  • XML data import and export

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