Assurance case

assurance case tool support

NOR-STA is a web application
for assurance case management

  • develop your arguments
  • collect evidence
  • share with others
  • generate GSN diagrams
  • audit and assess
  • report the results

TCL hierarchical assurance case notation

  • easy argument development and scaling up
  • GSN diagrams
  • compliance with OMG SACM and ISO/IEC 15026

TCL notation for assurance cases
assurance case modules

Assurance case modules

  • create provided and required interfaces
  • assign argumentation elements to interfaces
  • bind modules via interfaces
  • transfer  assessment results between modules

Evidence management

  • assign evidence repositories to arguments
  • manage evidence in repositories
    • Sharepoint
    • internal NOR-STA repository
    • SVN, GIT and others
    • any web repositories
  • control the evidence validity period

assurance case evidence management
assurance case assessment

Argument assessment

  • integrated argument assessment functions
  • assessment methods include uncertainty, scoring and others
  • automatic aggregation of assessment results
  • reporting assessment results
  • control of negative and missing assessments

Reporting progress and results

  • assessment visualization with a color scale
  • customized reports to MS Excel, Word, PDF and HTML
  • report templates
  • programmable HTML reports with XSL scripts

assurance case reporting
assurance case permission management

Users and permissions management

  • grant permissions to argumentation modules and folders
  • Role-based access control (RBAC)
  • customizable user roles
  • predefined roles like manager, editor, auditor, reader
  • 40 permissions to specific actions

Reuse with templates

  • create assurance cases based on a template
  • update arguments to new template versions
  • use multiple levels of templates

assurance case templates
assurance case change tracking

Change tracking

  • full change history
  • view snapshots of the argument for a given day
  • restore the argument for any day from a snapshot

Integration with other systems

  • Sharepoint
  • custom integration through NOR-STA API (web services)
  • ADFS / Azure AD user authentication
  • XML data import and export

NOR-STA integration
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