Assurance case

Develop assurance cases
online with NOR-STA

  • Develop arguments and share with others
  • Integrate assurance case with  evidence
    in online repositories
  • Create GSN diagrams
  • Make assessment and communicate the results
  • Manage argument modules and use templates
  • Report the assessment results online
  • Integrate assurance cases with SharePoint,
    Jira and Confluence

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Develop GSN assurance cases

The Goal Structuring Notation (GSN) is the most popular graphical notation for assurance cases. In NOR-STA you can develop GSN assurance cases and generate argument and architecture view diagrams. NOR-STA implements Core GSN
and partially Modular and Argument Pattern Extensions.

NOR-STA argument metamodel is compliant with OMG SACM and ISO/IEC 15026.

see sample GSN argument online

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Assurance case tool - GSN Diagram
Modular assurance case

Manage complex modular arguments

Divide large arguments into modules and manage them separately. Argument modules can be bound with interfaces
and the assessment of supporting modules will be automatically reported to high-level argument modules. NOR-STA implements three types of argument interfaces: away elements, supported by module and supported by contract.

Modules are also an effective tool to distribute work in teams
and organizations. For each module you can individually assign permissions in NOR-STA for users.

Integrate your arguments
with external evidence

The argument needs to refer to evidence produced in the system life cycle which is stored in some repositories, usually in version control systems.

NOR-STA provides ready to use integration with SharePoint, Confluence and Jira. Integration with other types of repositories can be provided on request.

NOR-STA monitors changes of evidence in integrated repositories, reports them and enables systematic change management.

Assurance case evidence management
Assurance case assessment

Argument assessment

  • Integrated argument assessment functions
  • Dedicated roles for reviewers and third-party assessors
  • Sharing comments to argument elements
  • Control of argument changes and the need for reassessment
  • Assessment methods include uncertainty, scoring and others
  • Automatic aggregation of assessment results
  • Reporting assessment results
  • Control of negative and missing assessments

Reporting the progress and results

  • Assessment visualization with a color scale
  • Reports to MS Excel, Word, PDF and HTML
  • Custom report templates fed with XML data
    describing the argument and assessment results
  • Custom report content: GSN diagrams, assessment,
    charts, links to evidence
  • Programmable HTML reports with XSL scripts

assurance case reporting
collaborative assurance case development

Users and permissions management

  • Role-based access control (RBAC) for all actions in NOR-STA
  • Predefined roles like manager, editor, auditor, viewer
  • Roles granted at the level of folders
    or individual argumentation modules
  • Customizable user roles
    with over 40 permissions to specific actions

Reuse with templates

  • Create assurance cases based on templates
  • Use parametrized templates for variants of your system or products
  • Update arguments to new template versions
  • Use multiple levels of templates
assurance case templates
assurance case change history

Change tracking and version control

  • Full assurance case change history
  • View version of the argument for any time from its creation
  • Restore any version of the argument
  • Monitor and react to changes of the argument or evidence

Live data input

Assurance case may be fed with live data from any evidence management system or production system monitoring. Data can be automatically transferred into an argument and can be used to:

  • Update the evidence data
  • Update the assessment
  • Deactivate or activate argument sections
  • Modify argument structure

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live data integration with assurance cases
NOR-STA integration sith other systems

Integration with other systems

  • Integration with MS SharePoint, Atlassian Jira and Confluence
  • Custom integration through REST API (web services)
  • User authentication with external identity providers:
    ADFS, Azure AD
  • XML data import and export

Assurance Case online training

                              23 November 2023

The right understanding of the assurance case structure is essential for its effective use. The main goal of the course is to provide skills to use proper and effective argument structures, develop defensible arguments, and review assurance case quality.

Participants will develop their own arguments themselves and learn how to use NOR-STA tool in practice.

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