About us

Our company

Argevide is an independent software and consulting company established in 2014. We deliver NOR-STA software tool and support services to help our customers in system assurance management.

Our team

In our team you will meet experts on system safety and security, researchers and software developers. Some members of our team started working on assurance cases at Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT) since year 2001. We found evidence-based arguments to be an effective solution for assurance of system safety, security, dependability and quality. First we started this approach in our research projects, then created the tool and started to use it in practice. In 2014 we started Argevide. We closely cooperate with GUT and participate in research projects to explore new ideas and improve NOR-STA.

Our vision

Our mission is to provide easy to use enterprise solution for goal-based system assurance to improve process efficiency without compromising quality. We see assurance cases as the core element of the system assurance process.

We continuously improve NOR-STA and each year we release three versions of NOR-STA with new features and improvements in usability, performance and security. The list below gives the main features introduced since 2014:

Our users

NOR-STA is used by our customers in automotive, air traffic, oil & gas, cybersecurity and other industries. We want to make assurance case management easy and productive for you and your opinion on the tool is important. Feedback from our users is one of the key drivers of our work on the tool and process improvement.

Every month we meet assurance case practitioners and our users on NOR-STA User Group meetings. The goal of the User Group is to share experiences and best practices of using assurance cases and NOR-STA.

The User Group is free and open for everyone interested in use of assurance cases.
We welcome you to join NOR-STA User Group!

Do you want to ask us something?

When you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Write to us at office@argevide.com or use our contact form.