NOR-STA User Group

NOR-STA User Group is free and open for all NOR-STA users. You can join the group, attend the meetings and get access to the group resources.

The main goal of the User Group is to share experiences and best practices of using assurance cases and the NOR-STA platform.

We meet once a month every second Thursday on Teams. There is a topic agreed to be the main subject for a discussion for each meeting. You can actively participate, share your opinions and hear about experiences of other members. You can also present your ideas, your approach for assurance cases and propose topics for discussion.

The next meeting:

Thursday 11.03.2021 at 15:00 CET / 14:00 GMT / 9:00 EST

The topic of the meeting: Continuous assurance.
‒ What is ‘continuous assurance’ and do we have a business case for it?
‒ What changes you want your assurance case to survive?
‒ Which mechanisms could support continuous assurance?

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The topics discussed on the past meetings were:
‒ 01.2021: What is a good assurance case?
‒ 02.2021: Modular arguments

When you have any questions related to the User Group please contact us at