• Reuse with templates

    Conformance and assurance cases often contain common parts that relate to specific goals, system levels or types of requirements. Templates support their reuse. Argument templates in NOR-STA allow to: ‒ reuse of argument by creating of template, ‒ argument synchronization with the current template version, ‒ cascading templates (templates for templates), ‒ connecting an argument […]

  • Argevide NOR-STA 7.1 released

    NOR-STA version 7.1 released on April 19, 2018 delivers new features and changes: Excluding argument sub-tree for any claim Copying and pasting many elements at once Creating multiple links at the same time “Go to Link Target” function in the link’s context menu Selecting the assessment method in project properties, detailed assessment settings only in […]

  • New basic view for auditors – NOR-STA 7.0

    Providing compliance evidence and making assessments is easier in the new “basic” view. Version 7.0 delivers new features: Basic view of the argumentation which provides: simplified view of the argumentation structure quick and easy assessment simple browsing and adding evidence simplified reporting support for mobile devices New assessment scale: Three-value compliance assessment Performance and reliability […]