Reuse with templates

Conformance and assurance cases often contain common parts that relate to specific goals, system levels or types of requirements. Templates support their reuse.

Argument templates in NOR-STA allow to:
‒ reuse of argument by creating of template,
‒ argument synchronization with the current template version,
‒ cascading templates (templates for templates),
‒ connecting an argument to a template and disconnecting to allow independent development,
‒ extending the argument generated from a template to add the evidence and additional justification.

Argumentation templates are an effective tool for managing compliance for many entities or complex systems safety and security. Cascading templates allow you to create versions and variations of templates. This helps when managing a large number of arguments.

Argument templates are supported by NOR-STA version 7.2 released on August 3, 2018. This version contains new features:
‒ argumentation templates,
‒ automatic labeling of argument elements,
‒ support for Single Sign-On with Azure Active Directory authentication services,
and other improvements.