Conformance management

goal-based conformance platform

NOR-STA is a platform for goal-based conformance management

  • goals traceability to evidence
  • easy template development
  • evidence management with integrated repositories
  • scaling up with conformance modules
  • conformance portfolio management
  • change control and continuous assurance

Goal-based approach

Flexible conformance model allows you to adapt to your specific goals, requirements and processes.

  • track your conformance goals
    to the level of requirements and evidence
  • make explicit decisions on implementation strategies
  • collect evidence linked directly to the goals
  • monitor progress of your goals
  • manage changes of goals, evidence and the context

The whole conformance process is auditable and verifiable.

goal-based conformance process
conformance templates

Reusable compliance templates
tailored to your needs

  • creating dedicated compliance templates
  • attaching recommendations and best practices
  • setting evaluation criteria
  • template update mechanisms

All standards in one place

Managing complexity with conformance modules

  • using modules to decompose the conformance work
  • defining connections and dependencies between conformance modules
  • using separate modules for different standards, systems, processes etc.
  • conformance assessment aggregation from different modules

conformance portfolio management
Evidence management

Conformance evidence management

  • collect evidence in your own repository like Sharepoint
  • NOR-STA internal repository is available
  • use evidence in any web repository
  • manage conformance requirements relations to supporting evidence
  • checking the evidence validity period

Assessment and conformance progress reporting

  • integrated conformance assessment functions
  • assessment methods available including uncertainty, scoring and others
  • automatic aggregation of assessment results
  • reporting evaluation results
  • control of missing assessments and negative results (nonconformities)

conformance tracking

Traceability from goals to conformance evidence

Goal-based data model allows to
  • track the progress from conformance goals to evidence and assessment results
  • change control
  • completeness checks
  • verification of each step of the conformance process

Cooperation and teamworking

  • collaboration platform for consultants, auditors, standard owners and end users
  • secure communication and access control
  • instant access to the current conformance information
  • traceability of actions of all users

conformance communication parties


Wide range of applications

Goal-based approach is generic and applicable for any standard.
Our customers use NOR-STA for standards in various domains:


Hospital Accreditation Standards
(NCQA, Poland)


ISO 27001 Information Security Management

read more about ISO 27001 templates


ISO 9001 Quality management systems


IEC 62443 Security for industrial automation and control systems


PN-N 18001 / OHSAS 18001 / ISO 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management


ISO 26262 Road vehicles – Functional safety

read more about ISO 26262 templates


ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems


EN/IEC 61511: Functional safety – Safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector


ISO/IEC 15408 Common Criteria for Information Security Evaluation


ISO/IEC 17065 Conformity assessment — Requirements for bodies certifying products, processes and services


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