Modular arguments

You can divide argumentation in NOR-STA into smaller chunks to manage complexity, distribute ownership, separate issues or reuse shared topics. Many standards overlap and have some common requirements. When you divide your argument into modules which cover separate topics you can easily reuse the modules to achieve conformance with other standards.

You can also use modules and interfaces to arrange layers of the argumentation. The conformance argument may have layers related to goals of the standards, processes implemented in the organization and practices in the organization divisions. Assurance cases are often developed in separation for systems and components.

Argumentation modules can be connected with interfaces. Interface is a separated section of the module which can contain argument elements one wants to be published. Only published elements will be visible for other modules. The argument in the module is the private area accessible only to authorized users.

NOR-STA 7.3 released on April 29 brings new features:

  • creating interfaces and binding argument modules,
  • publishing assessments through interfaces,
  • evidence validity period control,
  • URL links to each argument element

and some other minor functional, performance and security enhancements.