Presenting project status on dashboards

NOR-STA version 7.4 makes project management easier.

The project dashboard shows the main parameters of the project, including its completeness and the results of conformity assessment as well as links to other projects and templates.

Assigning argument elements to users allows you to specify responsibility and also pass fragments of arguments to other persons for further processing.

The extended search function allows you to easily filter items assigned to users, incomplete or not assessed.

The new version allows integration with Sharepoint repositories, browsing repositories and direct references to documents enabling their viewing and editing.

A higher level of security can be provided by using two-factor authentication, where, in addition to entering the password, it is also required to provide the one-time code from the application on the mobile device (e.g. telephone). This solution works with Microsoft Authenticator and Google Authenticator applications. In addition, the password recovery function has been improved.

NOR-STA 7.4 also brings minor security, functionality and performance improvements.