Monitoring the conformance progress

  1. Assessment history
  2. conformance chart
NOR-STA version 7.4.1 released on April 24 makes conformance monitoring easier, including progress reviews.
You can view in NOR-STA the history of conformance evaluation changes and the conformance status for any day in the past. In the new version, this has been extended to include conformance history charts.
Assessment history
Another improvement is the conformance chart available for each section of the conformance argument. Such diagrams are also used in conformance reports, which are generated in the new version to docx and pdf files. Formatting conformance reports can be customized by templates. The mechanisms of report templates and conformance argument templates allow for reuse of developed templates.
conformance chart

Starting with version 7.4.1 we introduce a distinction between compliance projects and assurance cases. The new features outlined above are available for compliance projects.

NOR-STA 7.4.1 also brings minor security and functional improvements.