PREMIS – a containerized assurance case tool

PREMIS, a containerized assurance case tool, will replace NOR-STA at the end of July. Containerization allows us to improve application portability, security, performance and maintainability. PREMIS will maintain the full range of NOR-STA features and the API, and will additionally offer new possibilities. Migrating from NOR-STA to PREMIS will be smooth for users and will not impact the assurance case projects they are working on.

Portability. Containerized applications can be run anywhere, without any modifications. You can deploy PREMIS in a could environment such as Azure or AWS, in any Kubernetes environment in a virtual machine or on a dedicated hardware server. You can easily move the application from one containerization environment to another.

Security. First, the isolation introduced by containerization provides an additional layer of security. Containers are isolated from each other and from the host operating system. Secondly, great advantage of containerization is the speed of delivery of security updates. Argevide implements and improves the DevSecOps process through secure coding practices and automatic static, dynamic security testing (SAST and DAST) in the solution release pipeline and continuous security monitoring. We control the security of our solution and quickly deliver updates to resolve new vulnerabilities.

Performance and scalability. Containers are the most efficient way of software virtualization with minimal overhead. Containerization management tools allow to adjust allocated resources and manage containers’ instances depending on the current usage. This can be made automatically for each individual container. When needed any container can be moved to another hardware platform to improve performance without the interruption of the application operation.

Maintainability. Containerization management tools enable a uniform way of applications deployment, testing, upgrades and rollbacks. Monitoring tools continuously check containers health and status. DevOps pipeline allows to deliver application updates quickly and minimize downtime.

Summarizing, containerization and the DevSecOps process make PREMIS an even more effective, secure, scalable and reliable solution.

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