System Assurance Reference Model at PRDC conference

  1. assurance case template with SARM parameters

We will participate in 28th IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing (PRDC 2023) in Singapore on 24-27 October. We will present our paper on System Assurance Reference Model (SARM). Join us at the conference to enjoy the event and learn more how reference model can improve generation and management of modular assurance case.

The objective of SARM is to manage references in modular assurance case templates to system context models. The models can define system architecture, risk models (including safety and security), environment, conditions of the use and life cycle processes.

SARM enables implementation of argument patterns parameters. GSN standard allows to use parameters for argument pattern operators however the semantics is not fully described. Therefore we have defined the semantics of the parameters to enable the use of references to system models. This allows to develop modular argument templates parametrized with the system context model. A simple fragment of a template is shown below to present how the parameters are presented in the argument.

assurance case template with SARM parameters

SARM conditions are used to specify optionality for argument branches (see G2 and G3 in the diagram above). Multiplicity is implemented with model dependences, e.g. G4 will be generated for each subcomponent of C. Model dependencies can also be used to specify argument modules. This allows to generate modular assurance cases consistent with the system model.

In addition the generated argument modules and elements can maintain URL links to the referred model objects. This enables easy navigation from the argument to system models.

You will find more details about SARM in our paper and our presentation at PRDC conference.