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Modular assurance cases on MASCA workshop

  1. assurance case contract

Modularity is an effective way of managing assurance case complexity, but is should be used in a systematic way to get benefits. This will be discussed by practitioners at the International Workshop on Modular Argumentation to Support Device Conformity Assessment (MASCA) which will be held on 19 September at SAFECOMP 2023 conference.

assurance case contract

The current state of the art and practical experiences will be presented during the workshop and the participants will discuss:

  • What are the problems that might be solved using modular argumentation?
  • What information should be conveyed between modules? (e.g. context information, time stamp, intended use)
  • What are the criteria for relevance and completeness of the contracts to connect modules?
  • What are the criteria for assessing if the contract has been satisfied?

The discussion will be based on the experience of safety and security assurance for medical devices and autonomous waterborne transport systems.

To learn more about the workshop please visit is website: https://sites.google.com/view/masca2023/program

The event is part of the SAFECOMP 2023 conference.