What is a good assurance case?

We invite for the next NOR-STA User Group meeting on February 11. The main topic of the meeting will be argument quality – what is a good assurance case?

The presentation and discussion will cover:
– elements of the argument structure
– criteria for argument quality
– best practices for structuring complex arguments

We invite all participants to share their experience and best practices.

NOR-STA User Group is open for all NOR-STA users. The main goal of the meeting is to share experiences and provide information about new features in NOR-STA. Meetings are an important channel of communication between Argevide and the users and a place to discuss further directions for NOR-STA development. Each meeting has a questions and answers (Q&A) session. NOR-STA users have the opportunity to actively participate in meetings and influence the form of meetings in the future.
If you use NOR-STA and want to learn mor how to use the tool efficiently and effectively we welcome to join NOR-STA User Group meetings.
You will find more information on the User Group page.