NOR-STA User Group meetings

In January we start regular meetings of NOR-STA User Group.
During the meetings we will discuss:
– ways for effective use of NOR-STA,
– TRUST-IT methodolog,
– assurance cases,
– conformance management.
NOR-STA User Group is open for all NOR-STA users. The main goal of the meeting will to share experiences and provide information about new features in NOR-STA. Meetings will be an important channel of communication between Argevide and the users and a place to discuss further directions for NOR-STA development. Each meeting will have a questions and answers (Q&A) session. NOR-STA users will have the opportunity to actively participate in meetings and influence the form of meetings in the future.
The main topic of the first meeting will be the use of modular arguments in NOR-STA. During the meeting we will present how to build arguments composed of modules in practice and how to manage them, including publishing module assessments.
Meetings in the coming months will cover issues such as what is a good assurance case argument, how to use argumentation templates, what are metadata in arguments and how to use them.
If you use NOR-STA and want to learn mor how to use the tool efficiently and effectively we welcome to join NOR-STA User Group meetings.
You will find more information on the User Group page.