• Live data in assurance cases

    System assurance with the use of assurance case should consider system changes and also operational data when necessary. The way to manage this is to use live data as evidence and update accordingly the argument assessment. The live data is the data generated directly by any system, not provided manually. Unlike documents used as evidence […]

  • Assurance case reports fed with XML data

    New reports in NOR-STA are fed with data in XML format. XML includes data about the argument, evidence, and the evaluations performed. MS Word report template can directly use data through XML mapping, and advanced data processing is possible with Visual Basic scripts. The basic templates for assurance case reports and conformance reports with VBA […]

  • Integration with Jira and Confluence

    NOR-STA now allows for integration with Confluence and Jira servers, in addition to the existing integration with SharePoint. The assurance argument may directly refer to information in these systems. At the same time, it is a step towards continuous assurance and the introduction of constant supervision over the timeliness of evidence and performed assessments. For […]

  • Proposal of a scheme for IACS components cybersecurity certification published by JRC

    Last week European Joint Research Centre published its Recommendations for the IACS Components Cybersecurity Certifications Scheme (ICCS). IACS (Industrial Automation & Control Systems) are used in industry including energy, transportation, manufacturing and health. The published scheme focuses on components of such systems, including PLC, RTU, SCADA, HMI and others). ICCS is the result of European […]

  • Monitoring the conformance progress

    NOR-STA version 7.4.1 released on April 24 makes conformance monitoring easier, including progress reviews.You can view in NOR-STA the history of conformance evaluation changes and the conformance status for any day in the past. In the new version, this has been extended to include conformance history charts. Another improvement is the conformance chart available for […]

  • Presenting project status on dashboards

    NOR-STA version 7.4 makes project management easier. The project dashboard shows the main parameters of the project, including its completeness and the results of conformity assessment as well as links to other projects and templates. Assigning argument elements to users allows you to specify responsibility and also pass fragments of arguments to other persons for […]