Integration with Jira and Confluence

  1. NOR-STA

NOR-STA now allows for integration with Confluence and Jira servers, in addition to the existing integration with SharePoint. The assurance argument may directly refer to information in these systems.

At the same time, it is a step towards continuous assurance and the introduction of constant supervision over the timeliness of evidence and performed assessments. For SharePoint evidence now you have direct access to version history. Integration with Jira can be used to manage handling detected non-compliance or failures.
Reporting has also been extended to Word and PDF compliance reports powered by XML data. The report templates use mapping to XML data, which makes it easy to customize the structure and formatting of the report as needed.

NOR-STA 7.4.2 released on September 11 brought new features:

  • integration with Jira: references to issues in Jira projects;
  • integration with Confluence: references to pages in Confluence spaces;
  • integration with SharePoint extended with information on file status and version history;
  • new conformance reports to Word and PDF with XML data from NOR-STA;
  • enhanced automatic labeling function;
  • argument section features improved in basic view

and other minor security, functionality and performance improvements.