• NUG meeting: Security Protection Profiles for systems components

    Security Protection Profiles specify security requirements that apply to a specific component and which need to be verified. Protection Profiles are used for IACS components to demonstrate satisfaction of requirements of IEC 62443 and also for medical devices and IEC TR 60601-4-5.During the meeting we will investigate the possibility of defining a Protection Profile for […]

  • NUG meeting: Assumptions management – demonstrators in NOR-STA

    Assumptions play an important role in assurance cases and they should be properly managed to ensure trustworthy argumentation. On our March meeting we have discussed the main roles the assumptions can play in the argument. On our next meeting we will discuss assumptions management and present demonstrators in NOR-STA. We will focus on the three […]

  • NUG meeting: Assumptions – their place and role in assurance cases

    When developing system assurance cases, we often use assumptions and they play different roles. They can provide context for our argument or assumptions that other modules should fulfill. Assumptions can also address weaknesses in an argument (defeaters) or be used as part of a confidence argument.We invite for the next NOR-STA User Group meeting on […]