NUG meeting: Managing issues in assurance case development

Assurance case development is not a trivial process. It involves several steps, firstly, to define the right goals and context, then to develop convincing line of reasoning and to collect valid supporting evidence. Many issues of unconvincing or bad structured argument, unsupported claims, incomplete or outdated evidence have to be resolved to produce a strong and valid assurance case. Efficient and effective management of all issues that arise during the argument development is the key to a successful project.

Some issues can be identified and reported by NOR-STA. Furthermore the tool also assists users in the process of argument reviews and improvement. It also reports metrics of argument quality and completeness.

During the meeting we will discuss how to use the existing NOR-STA features in an effective way and what new features would improve the process in the future.

The agenda of the meeting includes:

  • What issues may happen and how we can deal with them in the argument development process?
  • Automatic detection and reporting of the issues in the argument.
  • Managing issues for a single argument and for composite arguments..

If you are involved in assurance case development, we invite you to join NOR-STA User Group meeting on March 9, 2023.

NOR-STA User Group is open for all NOR-STA users. The main goal of the meetings is to share experiences of using assurance cases. We also provide information about new features in NOR-STA. During each meeting we have an open discussion or Q&A session.

You will find more information on NOR-STA User Group page.

NOR-STA is a web tool for assurance case collaborative development and management. To read more about NOR-STA please visit the page.