Core GSN now implemented in NOR-STA assurance cases

NOR-STA support three assurance case model including GSN. The implementation of Core GSN as defined in GSN Community Standard version 3.0 was now complete. In NOR-STA version 7.9 released yesterday we delivered implementation of the last missing types of relations. Now you can in your argument in NOR-STA:
Core GSN is now fully implemented in NOR-STA. The assessment mechanism has been updated to support the new relations in the argument structure.
We continue the implementation of GSN Modular Extension. We have already implemented one type of argument module binding: the relation supported by a module. In the next version of NOR-STA we plan to implement two other types of relations:
You can find the current information about NOR-STA compliance with GSN Community Standard in our white paper „GSN assurance cases in NOR-STA”.