Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points HACCP

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  • HACCP System

    NOR-STA is an innovative platform of software services supporting companies in the processes of introducing and managing HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical control Points) system.

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  • HACCP template

    NOR-STA provides a ready for use template of HACCP requirements. The template is structured accordingly to the sequence of 12 steps proposed by Codex Alimentarius.

  • A list of required documents

    The HACCP conformance template provides information about required evidence documents and placeholders to upload them. Comprehensive guidelines explaining step by step how to introduce HACCP are also provided. By using NOR-STA you can have:

    • a list of HACCP requirements
    • a list of required evidence documents together with placeholders to upload them
    • a clear and comprehensive list of all actions to be done when introducing HACCP
    • a place to store and maintain the whole set of required evidence document
    • ability to find a particular document (from a selected day) at once
  • Documents

  • Support for audits

  • Support for audits

    NOR-STA services support audits, both internal and external (conducted by a consulting or regulatory entity). An audit can be conducted remotely.The duration of the audit can be shortened by:

    • evidence documentation tidiness and ability to quickly browse and review them
    • automatic calculation of summary assessments,
    • graphical representation of assessment results which allows to immediately spot areas requiring improvement
    • quick identification of requirements not yet fulfilled
  • Support for cooperation with consultants and communication within HACCP team

    NOR-STA supports cooperation and enables communication between the members of HACCP team by providing remote access with customizable user permissions. The system also enables uploading documents, assessments made by multiple persons and viewing change history. It can make a cooperation with an external consultant easier. The consultant can advise your organization regardless of time and place. NOR-STA enables:

    • concurrent work of many persons and organizational units
    • communication and information flow
    • cooperation with external consultants
    • control over each step of introducing HACCP
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