• Argevide NOR-STA supports the process of achieving, maintaining and managing conformance to standards.

  • Effective development, assessment and management of complex safety cases and assurance cases.


Online conformance management and assessment

zarządzanie zgodnością zorientowane na cele NOR-STA is a web platform to manage:
    – conformance goals and requirements,
    – conformance evidence,
    – reviews and conformance assessment,
    – cooperation in distributed organizations,
    – reporting and tracking changes.

Quick self-assessment in NOR-STA

The easiest way to use NOR-STA is through self-assessment and internal compliance supervision. You can use ready-made compliance templates for selected standards. Such a template presents the requirements of the standard in an orderly manner and may also specify what documentation is required for preparation. This facilitates the planning of activities to achieve compliance and effective preparation.

You can evaluate compliance levels on an ongoing basis. When you divide responsibilities between teams, you can monitor their progress. Self-assessment also allows you to better prepare for audits and certification.

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System assurance

system assurance Use of assurance cases allows to integrate effort on achieving and maintaining system safety, security, continuity as well as risk management and continuity management.

The mechanisms of supervision over documentation and source data as well as communication and reporting channels allow for continuous system assurance.

Benefits of NOR-STA application
for conformance management
and system assurance

Better understanding of requirements and standards

Structured descriptions of compliance requirements and assessment criteria help users learn the requirements faster and get started to work with them.

Evidence documentation tidiness

Organization of conformance documentation can be optimized for effective conformance achievement, review performance and quick verification.

Better preparation for the assessment

Using the system throughout the entire preparation process allows to optimize the work for the compliance goals and better prepare for assessment, including self-assessment and conformance level monitoring.

Easier inter-organizational cooperation

NOR-STA is a knowledge base on conformance and progress of work. It facilitates cooperation between audited organization, advisors and certification bodies.

Effective audits

Audit sessions are more productive due to a better preparation of the auditor, including online review of the referenced evidence.

Multi-standard compliance in one place

NOR-STA allows to manage multiple compliance projects and evidence repositories in one place. Templates and modularization helps scale up the approach.


  • Assurance case reports fed with XML data

    New reports in NOR-STA are fed with data in XML format. XML includes data about the argument, evidence, and the evaluations performed. MS Word report template can directly use data through XML mapping, and advanced data processing is possible with Visual Basic scripts. The basic templates for assurance case reports and conformance reports with VBA […]

  • Integration with Jira and Confluence

    NOR-STA now allows for integration with Confluence and Jira servers, in addition to the existing integration with SharePoint. The assurance argument may directly refer to information in these systems. At the same time, it is a step towards continuous assurance and the introduction of constant supervision over the timeliness of evidence and performed assessments. For […]

  • Proposal of a scheme for IACS components cybersecurity certification published by JRC

    Last week European Joint Research Centre published its Recommendations for the IACS Components Cybersecurity Certifications Scheme (ICCS). IACS (Industrial Automation & Control Systems) are used in industry including energy, transportation, manufacturing and health. The published scheme focuses on components of such systems, including PLC, RTU, SCADA, HMI and others). ICCS is the result of European […]

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