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System assurance and compliance platform

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Areas of application

NOR-STA is a system assurance tool applicable for many domains. Our customers use NOR-STA in sectors listed below.
icon automotive sector


Main standards of NOR-STA application:
icon airtraffic sector

Air traffic

Main regulations of NOR-STA application:
icon oil&gas sector

Process industry,
Oil & Gas

Main standards of NOR-STA application:
icon technology sector


Main standards of NOR-STA application:
icon cybersecurity sector


Main standards of NOR-STA application:
icon healthcare sector


Main standards of NOR-STA application:


benefit collaboration

Online collaboration

benefit traceability

Traceability and auditability

benefit efficiency


Scalability and adaptability


Meet NOR-STA Users

We meet NOR-STA users each month to share the best practices of assurance case management and use of NOR-STA.

NOR-STA User Group is free and open for all NOR-STA users. You can join the group, attend the meetings and get access to the group resources.

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  • GSN diagrams in NOR-STA

    Now you can create advanced GSN diagrams for assurance cases developed in NOR-STA. The new version of NOR-STA released at the beginning of November introduces a new GSN module. The GSN notation is the most popular notation for graphical presentation of assurance case. GSN diagrams are easy to comprehend for many assurance case users. You […]

  • NUG meeting – Assurance case quality and assessment

    We invite for the next NOR-STA User Group meeting on September 9. The meeting will focus on argument quality and assessment. We will discuss: what is a good argument, mechanisms of argument assessment, the use of confidence argument. We invite all participants to share their point of view and best practices on system assurance and […]

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