Hospital Accreditation Standards

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  • Conformance templates for hospital accreditation standards

    NOR-STA supports the effective compliance achievement for hospital accreditation standards, assessment and management of the entire process.
    A conformance template developed by National Center For Quality Assessment In Healthcare and Gdańsk University of Technology is available to facilitate the compliance management process.

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  • What is a conformance template?

    A conformance template is a structured information representing requirements of a given standard. A template extended with arguments and evidence of a particular organization becomes a conformance case.
    A conformance template is prepared by domain experts, taking into consideration multiple viewpoints, including the owner of the standard and the auditor.

  • A list of required documents

    Hospital accreditation standards are described in the documents published by the Ministry of Health. NOR-STA conformance template provides more detailed information about particular evidence documents required by the auditors. It also includes placeholders for such documents.
    By using NOR-STA you can:

    • get a better understanding of accreditation standards requirements
    • store the whole set of required evidence documents in one place and maintain it
    • easily find a particular document
  • Documents

  • Assessment

  • Assessment

    You can use NOR-STA for self-assessment or invite an external auditor to make assessment before the accreditation visit. Assessment results are visualized by coloring the conformance case. The colors assigned to particular standards and requirements will indicate:

    • the progress of your organization’s preparation to accreditation visit
    • the particular standards you still need to work on
  • Cooperation with external consultants

    It does not matter where you are (at work, at home, travelling), to access NOR-STA services you only need a computer and internet access. You can use NOR-STA to involve external parties like consultants, who can remotely access the conformance case and evidence and provide feedback.
    It results in:

    • saving time of the consultants who don’t have to be on site to review conformance arguments
    • reducing travels
    • easy access to any evidence document
    • better auditor preparation before visit onsite
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