NOR-STA User Group Terms and Conditions

When you join NOR-STA User Group you agree to the following term and conditions:

  1. The objective of NOR-STA User Group (NUG) is to share the best practices of assurance case management and use of Argevide NOR-STA.
  2. Membership in NUG is voluntary and free. You can join and leave NUG at any moment of time.
  3. When you register to join NUG you have to give your name and email address. This data will be visible for other NUG members.
  4. Your personal data will be managed by Argevide. This data will be used to manage your NUG membership only. Argevide Privacy Policy applies.
  5. Twice a month an email about NUG ongoing activities is sent to all NUG members.
  6. You can share comments, documents, files and assurance cases on voluntary basis.
  7. You may use the knowledge you gain in NUG but you cannot publish any NUG content unless you have explicit consent from the authors. Argevide will not publish any content provided by NUG members without explicit consent from the authors.
  8. NUG members may decide to publish some results of their work under an open license. Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY) will be applicable for NUG publications if not stated otherwise.
  9. Your comments and content you provide may be used by Argevide to improve NOR-STA services and TRUST-IT method.
  10. Each NUG member can have access to the NUG member zone in Argevide NOR-STA. Your email address will be used as a login name to NUG member zone.
  11. NUG members may establish working groups for cooperation in the implementation of objectives relevant to NUG and the community of assurance case users.
    a) Working groups carry out activities according to their own plans and from time to time they present the results of their work to NUG members.
    b) You can report the need to create a group to the NUG chairman.
    c) To join a working group you should contact the group leader or the NUG chairman.
  12. Any shared content must comply to general law. Argevide is not responsible for the content provided by NUG users. Argevide has the right to remove any content that is not legal, violates any right of either party or is not related to NUG objectives.
  13. Your content in NUG member zone will be maintained by Argevide however Argevide gives no guaranties related to the time period or storage limits. You should not upload content not related to NOR-STA User Group.
  14. NUG activities are coordinated by the NUG chairman appointed by Argevide.
  15. NUG contact point is the email address

When you have any comments or questions related to NOR-STA User Group please contact Argevide at