Rating systems

Easy development of rating models
and evaluation for any rating system


A rating system is an effective tool to determine the level of conformance to organization’s business objectives or given criteria.

NOR-STA enables comparing the assessment results for different areas or organizations. You can also monitor changes and trends when you have multiple rating evaluations.


  • Easy evaluation process

    NOR-STA enables quick and easy evaluation. The system monitors the progress and completeness of the evaluation. The score is available for other users immediately when recorded in the system.

  • Reuse with templates

    NOR-STA allows you to create rating models and to use them as templates for many evaluations. Each model can have a specific evaluation scale and scoring rules depending on the organization needs.

  •  Time saving

    Remote access allows to reduce the time of evaluation visits and to share the results between all parties involved. Adding comments to the evaluation results facilitates communication and improves the efficiency of the evaluation process.

  • Customizable reports

    NOR-STA provides a set of standard reports and customizable XLSX and XML reports which can be used to produce any charts and reports.

  • Clear presentation of the results

    The evaluation results are immediately calculated and their values are presented as figures and using a color scale. Assessors can also add comments for better understanding of the requirements and evaluation results.

  • Effective supervision

    The system stores information about all the performed activities in the central database. This allows to track the progress and to review history of changes.

Develop templates, evaluate and report

  • Rating model

  • Rating model

    Develop a template representing your rating model to be used for multiple evaluations

    • customizable evaluation scales
    • placeholders for evidence documents
    • guidelines for assessors
  • Evaluation

    Evaluate using a customized scale

    • many assessors working at the same time
    • adding comments to evaluation results
    • monitoring completeness of the evaluation
  • Evaluation

  • Results presentation

  • Results presentation

    The evaluation results are immediately calculated and presented to the users.

    • color-based evaluation scale
    • assessors’ comments
    • evaluation change history


Universal reports in spreadsheet format, including common data and customizable data collations and graph visualizations.


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