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Areas of application

NOR-STA is a system assurance tool applicable for many domains. Our customers use NOR-STA in sectors listed below.
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Main standards of NOR-STA application:
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Air traffic

Main regulations of NOR-STA application:
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Process industry,
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Main standards of NOR-STA application:
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Main standards of NOR-STA application:
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Main standards of NOR-STA application:
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Main standards of NOR-STA application:



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Scalability and adaptability


Meet NOR-STA Users

We meet NOR-STA users each month to share the best practices of assurance case management and use of NOR-STA.

NOR-STA User Group is free and open for all NOR-STA users. You can join the group, attend the meetings and get access to the group resources.

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  • NUG meeting: Automation in assurance case development

    In current practice, assurance cases are being developed and assessed mostly manually. Automating these processes have a potential of saving time and money, as well as improving consistency between assurance cases and the related systems. The questions arise what can and what should be automated in argument development, evidence management, argument reviews and change management […]

  • Support for GSN and ISO 15026 assurance cases

    Assurance cases developed according with GSN Community Standard version 3 and also with ISO 15026-2 standard is now possible in NOR-STA version 7.8. Both standards are widely used however there are differences in their definitions of the argument structure and the naming conventions are different.The new version also adds assurance case editing functions in the […]

  • NUG meeting: Security Protection Profiles for systems components

    Security Protection Profiles specify security requirements that apply to a specific component and which need to be verified. Protection Profiles are used for IACS components to demonstrate satisfaction of requirements of IEC 62443 and also for medical devices and IEC TR 60601-4-5.During the meeting we will investigate the possibility of defining a Protection Profile for […]

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