NOR-STA for automotive industry

Automotive systems are a complex combination of hardware and software that have to comply with a number of rigorous standards, taking for example ISO 26262 and automotive SPICE. Rigorous safety management process with use of modular safety cases integrated in the system life cycle allows for efficient management of large number of components and variants of vehicles.

Argevide NOR-STA helps in efficient and effective compliance management for automotive standards like ISO 26262 by:

Video presentation of ISO 26262 safety case demo project

ISO 26262 demonstration project

You may see some features of NOR-STA in a demonstration safety case project for ISO 26262 product development. The demo covers requirements of parts 4, 5 and 6 of the standard. The safety case argument has been developed for an abstract system A decomposed into four subsystems.

The argument is decomposed into modules dedicated for the system and its elements. All modules have been created from the template and the scope of requirements tailored depending on the type of an element. Each module can be managed in separation by assigned team.

In DEMO project you can make a tour in the tool as a viewer. You can browse the argument modules and the compliance requirements, open sample evidence and review the assessment.

Try it yourself – the TRIAL project

In a TRIAL project you will work on your copy of the argument in a separate working space. You may adapt the template and requirements to your needs and perform the full process of setting goals, collecting evidence and making assessment.

In the trial you have access to full NOR-STA functionality except administration and integration with other systems. You can use trial to 30 days.

Start NOR-STA SaaS services

You may start NOR-STA services with a selected template including the template for ISO 26262 including also other parts, not only for product development. We can assist you in tailoring the template to the needs of your organization.