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  • NUG meeting: Managing issues in assurance case development

    Assurance case development is not a trivial process. It involves several steps, firstly, to define the right goals and context, then to develop convincing line of reasoning and to collect valid supporting evidence. Many issues of unconvincing or bad structured argument, unsupported claims, incomplete or outdated evidence have to be resolved to produce a strong […]

  • Modular arguments

    You can divide argumentation in NOR-STA into smaller chunks to manage complexity, distribute ownership, separate issues or reuse shared topics. Many standards overlap and have some common requirements. When you divide your argument into modules which cover separate topics you can easily reuse the modules to achieve conformance with other standards. You can also use […]

  • Reuse with templates

    Conformance and assurance cases often contain common parts that relate to specific goals, system levels or types of requirements. Templates support their reuse. Argument templates in NOR-STA allow to: ‒ reuse of argument by creating of template, ‒ argument synchronization with the current template version, ‒ cascading templates (templates for templates), ‒ connecting an argument […]