Online auditing and cooperation

Online auditing and cooperation

Using a general conformance model and tools supporting the process enables online cooperation throughout the whole process. The conformance model is used to communicate and share knowledge between all the participants.

You can specify conformance requirements, ask your customer or subcontractor to provide evidence and perform online audit to verify them. The approach will reduces but usually don not remove entirely the need for onsite audits. Some evidence still may be required to be reviewed and confirmed by assigned auditors having specific competences or permissions.

online cooperation in conformance process

Participants in the conformance process may come from different organizations and cooperate in a conformance project. Standards owners define conformance requirements and state how they should be interpreted. Consultants can help in adapting conformance requirements to specific context and conditions of standards users. In some areas the reuse with conformance templates is easy and in some cases individual conformance strategies are to be elaborated. Standard users can adapt conformance model to their specifics and manage evidence to demonstrate the conformance goals are achieved. This is evaluated by auditors and certification bodies. Finally this can lead to certification.

partners in online certification process

The goal-based approach to conformance management helps to minimize the risk and to decrease the cost of the conformance management process by:

  • clear communication of conformance goals and requirements,
  • direct communication between involved parties,
  • unified documentation and assessment for different business areas and processes,
  • support for document management and reviews,
  • scalability with templates and modules,
  • verifiability and traceability.

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