Scaling out with templates

Scaling out with templates

A schema of a goal decomposition is usually specific for a given class of processes, products or problem areas. It is useful to develop such a schema of the compliance model once and then use it many times for different organizations, products or in different location. The conformance templates allow to share and reuse conformance models and report templates.

A diagram below presents a sample scenario for conformance template use. The “backup” checklist template is used for evaluation of three offices (A, B and C). Separate evidence is collected and assessment made for each office. The same templates is extended to be applicable for backups in datacenters. The extended template is used for the datacenter DC

conformance templates

At any time when the template is modified you can synchronize any connected conformance module with a new template version. In this way you the conformance goals and their conformance schemas may evolve.

You can also use the synchronization mechanism to manage releases of a template:

cascading conformance templates

Summarizing conformance templates allow to:

  • reuse conformance arguments,
  • distribute changes to a number of template users,
  • create conformance template variants based on main template,
  • manage template releases.

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