Assurance Case Online Training

Argevide offers online trainings that will give you practical skills to effectively develop and manage assurance cases including use of modular arguments and templates.

Assurance Case Training

September 15, 2022

Assurance cases are used in many domains to manage and demonstrate system properties like safety and security. The right understanding of the argument structure is essential for its effective use. The main goal of the course is to provide skills to use proper and effective argument structures, develop defensible arguments, and review assurance case quality.

The course program

  • The goals of assurance case development
  • Assurance case structure
  • Well defined claims and context
  • Reasoning steps
  • Supporting evidence
  • Using of assumptions
  • Managing defeaters
  • Reviewing the assurance case
training course 1

During the training we will work on a sample assurance case. We will also develop an argument and analyse its elements. Participants are free to propose extensions of the argument and discuss different approaches of structuring the argument.

Assurance cases will be discussed using NOR-STA tree view of the argument and also GSN diagram view. Each training participant will get individual user account on Argevide NOR-STA server to participate in the training. The user account will remain active for 30 days after the training.

Who should attend the training?
Engineers and assurance professionals who are developing or reviewing assurance cases.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the assurance case structure
  • Skills to develop defensible arguments


  • Basic understanding of assurance cases and their use would be useful
  • Basic knowledge of NOR-STA functions would be useful but it is not required

Training date

15.09.2022  from 9:00 to 16:00 CET (Central European Time).


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Early registration until 30.08.2022


Custom courses are also available on request. We can provide dedicated trainings for your team at agreed dates. Please contact us when you have any questions or inquiries.