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  • Effective development, assessment and management of complex safety cases and assurance cases.

  • Argevide NOR-STA supports the process of achieving, maintaining and managing conformance to standards.




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  • Modular assurance cases in NOR-STA

    Modularisation is helpful in managing large and complex assurance cases. It also allows to distribute responsibilities and manage access rights on the level of single modules. Modularisation is required to enable reuse of arguments. NOR-STA implements modular argument metamodel defined in OMG SACM and extends it to implement three types of bindings between argument modules […]

  • MASCA workshop at SAFECOMP 2023

    Argevide is involved in the organization of the International Workshop on Modular Argumentation to Support Device Conformity Assessment (MASCA) which will be held on 19 September at SAFECOMP conference. With growing complexity of the systems also related assurance tasks become more complex and time-consuming. One way to tackle this challenge is to modularize the assurance […]

  • Continuous tracking of the assurance case status

    As the saying goes ‘it is about the journey, not the destination’. For us this also applies to assurance cases. They are dynamic objects which evolve in the system life cycle. What is important is the way how you manage the status and changes of the argument and the evidence to finally get and maintain […]

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