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  • Effective development, assessment and management of complex safety cases and assurance cases.

  • Argevide NOR-STA supports the process of achieving, maintaining and managing conformance to standards.




Online collaboration


Traceability and auditability




Scalability and adaptability


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We meet NOR-STA users each month to share the best practices of assurance case management and use of NOR-STA.

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  • PREMIS – a containerized assurance case tool

    PREMIS, a containerized assurance case tool, will replace NOR-STA at the end of July. Containerization allows us to improve application portability, security, performance and maintainability. PREMIS will maintain the full range of NOR-STA features and the API, and will additionally offer new possibilities. Migrating from NOR-STA to PREMIS will be smooth for users and will […]

  • System Assurance Reference Model at PRDC conference

    We will participate in 28th IEEE Pacific Rim International Symposium on Dependable Computing (PRDC 2023) in Singapore on 24-27 October. We will present our paper on System Assurance Reference Model (SARM). Join us at the conference to enjoy the event and learn more how reference model can improve generation and management of modular assurance case. […]

  • Modular assurance cases on MASCA workshop

    Modularity is an effective way of managing assurance case complexity, but is should be used in a systematic way to get benefits. This will be discussed by practitioners at the International Workshop on Modular Argumentation to Support Device Conformity Assessment (MASCA) which will be held on 19 September at SAFECOMP 2023 conference. The current state […]

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