GSN diagrams in NOR-STA

  1. GSN diagram tool

Now you can create advanced GSN diagrams for assurance cases developed in NOR-STA. The new version of NOR-STA released at the beginning of November introduces a new GSN module. The GSN notation is the most popular notation for graphical presentation of assurance case. GSN diagrams are easy to comprehend for many assurance case users.
You can create and maintain GSN diagrams in NOR-STA, export graphics and use it for web presentations and documentation.

GSN diagram tool
To see more how you can manage GSN diagrams in NOR-STA you can watch short videos:

To better control the assurance case assessment process we introduced automatic checking of the assessment validity. NOR-STA detects and reports when added, modified or deleted argument element may affect an assessment and a review is required. In the project dashboard you will find an indicator for the assessment validity and link to a search function to review the affected elements. For each assessment a clear information is provided which elements were modified after the last assessment of a given element.

You can manage modular arguments in NOR-STA but till now you couldn’t bind two modules when they use different assessment methods. In version 7.6 we introduce a uniform assessment metamodel to recalculate the values of the assessment and transfer between argument modules. Now you can bind any argument modules regardless of the assessment methods they use and even change the assessment methods for bound modules.

NOR-STA has also been extended with a new integration module for SharePoint app-only access. Using app-only access mode to SharePoint you let an application like NOR-STA to access directly a specific folder or library. Thanks to this you can work with SharePoint documents as usual and also use them as evidence in assurance cases in NOR-STA. NOR-STA can also check the changes of referred documents and give you information about the evidence changes.

Minor improvements have been made in the administration module and templates functions. NOR-STA API security has also been improved.